“….and as it stands the root cause of all these problems is overpopulation.” Midway through the civics class, a hand shoots up in the air. “Miss, one way we could solve these problems is by decreasing the population. But how do we decrease the population?” An uncomfortable silence with a slightly perturbed look. “Ah well….I … Continue reading unSchooled


(not) Lost in Translation

“Hey Anusheela, your new phone has arrived!” As I unwrapped the package from Amazon, seven heads huddled together to catch a glimpse of the budget smartphone which emerged from the package. For any other person, the things which matter in a smartphone are the following: the RAM, internal storage space, the camera, whether the operating … Continue reading (not) Lost in Translation

The Advantages and Adversities of being a Trophy Wife

(Disclaimer: I have tried to fight an immensely strong urge of using real names in this piece of strict non-fiction. Alas, I succeeded.)   There is a new breed of women emerging in this tremendously vastly populated country of ours (thanks to our forefathers): the formidable, independent, free-thinking and sapiosexual females who have decided to … Continue reading The Advantages and Adversities of being a Trophy Wife